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XTAR D30 4000 Dive Torch

High Output Multi Color Diving Torch

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King of the Depths

The XTAR D30 4000 professional diving flashlight is a master of the deep seas. The torch achieves a juicy 4,000 lumens and can be used for snorkeling, cave diving, and scuba. Thanks to the powerful brightness of the LEDs, the XTAR D30 4000 beam can dive a depth of 100m under water....but you can't so maybe just enjoy the view. 

Nemo Get Ready for Your Close-up

The XTAR D30 4000 is also equipped with fill lights, used for filming and underwater photography. With a CRI of 95+ colour rendering index, you can get extraordinary colours in underwater photos and videos. With a choice of several operating modes: High, Medium, Low and Red / Blue / UV. The main switch on the body makes it easy to operate, and the rotating light switch ring with a magnetic adjuster is ideal for controlling the flashlight when taking underwater pictures.

The TorchMonster is officially impressed at the UV mode.  It's the brightest UV torch we have.

How Much is Left in the Tank?

Equipped with 3 LED Power indicator lights, the XTAR D30 4000 will show 3 solid blue lights when the torch has between 66-100% charge, 2 solid blue lights when chage is between 33-66%, 1 solid blue light between 5-33%, and one blinking light when charge is below 5% (bet you wish your scuba tank came with one of these!)

Built to Last

The body of the XTAR D30 4000 is made of surface anodized aluminum. To ensure good electrical contact, the battery contacts are made of antioxidant materials and additionally gold-plated. 

Torchmonster loves that the XTAR D30 4000 can produce two different lights at once allowing you to capture those tasty underwater details on camera! 

  • Maximum 4000 lumens output, four light colours - white, red, blue and UV
  • High CRI, with 9 Cree LEDs - XHP70.2 for white light, XPE2 for red/blue lights, and TX3535P3 for UV light
  • Multiple lighting modes for color compensation in UW photography
  • Press switch for white light, rotary switch for fill lights. Lock function to avoid accidental turn on/off light
  • 2.5 hours runtime for 4000 lumens
  • Powered by 4x18650 batteries. A LED power indicator to remind the battery status
  • Class III Hard Anodized Finish, Aluminum 6063 material
  • Waterproof - underwater 100m

The icluded 2500 mAh 18650 batteries, along with the charger mean everything you need is in the carry case. 


This XTAR D30 4000 Dive Torch comes with 4 rechargeable batteries included.
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Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

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Nitecore UMS4 Quick Charger

Nitecore UMS4 Quick Charger

+ $69.95


Weight 465 g (Battery exlcuded)
Run Time High 2.5 hours; Mid 4.8 hours; Low 9.6 hours; UV 12 hours
Lumens 1000 ~ 4000
Range 100m
Length 149.8 mm
Tube diameter 59 mm
Head diameter 57.2 mm
Accessories User Manual, Lanyard, O-Rings, MC4s Charger, Adapter, USB Cable, 4 X 18650 batteries, Glass Cloth

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