1000 Lumen Spear Fishing Torch


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Designed for Spearos by Spearos

XTAR took  spear fisher suggestions to heart and came up the perfect torch without blowing the budget.

Ideal for the needs of people who enjoy hole hunting (who doesn't?) lobstering, and even night spearfishing. The XTAR DS1's compact design makes for easy handling and storage, crucial for the spearfishing enthusiast. 

Enough Juice to Keep You Going
Xtar are not messing around with battery format.  The DS1 takes the 21700 format rechargeable battery.

XTAR DS1 can reach a runtime of 2.5 hours, (powered by a 21700 5000mAh Li-ion battery). The longest run time could be 49 hours under 30 lumens output. Ideal for Spearos who want to maximize their time in the water and back scatter of light.

Light Em Up

When spearfishing, the ideal light output would be 800 to 1000 lumens. The XTAR DS1 uses a CREE XP-L2 LED with color temperature 5500-6500K. Compared with other dive lights on the market, it gives more light with a wider spectrum.

All About Those Angles

Choosing the right beam angle for your diving conditions ensures a good experience. A wide beam lights up a larger area underwater, while the narrow beam brings better visibility in muddy water. The XTAR DS1 has 7-degree spot beam angle and a 280 meter beam distance. It brings you high effective light in hole hunting and other low light environments. 

TorchMonster loves the feel of the magnetic slider as an interface. Strap on your lanyard and Happy Hole Hunting!

Note: This torch comes without a battery or charger.  We reccomend Nitecore batteries and chargers and they are offered below.  You get to decide what juice you want.


This XTAR DS1 uses 1 rechargeable battery - not included.
Select additional batteries below.

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Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM2

Nitecore UM2

+ $29.00

Nitecore UMS2 Quick Charger

Nitecore UMS2 Quick Charger

+ $49.95

Nitecore UI2 USB Charger

Nitecore UI2 USB Charger

+ $26.99


Weight 177 g
Run Time 2.5hrs - 49hrs
Lumens 30 ~ 1000
Range 282 m
Length 156 mm
Peak Beam Intensity 20032 cd
Tube diameter 29 mm
Head diameter 44 mm
Accessories Manual, O-Rings, Lanyard, Spare Switch

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