About Us

TorchMonster is a small team of dedicated flashaholics that bring the latest in torch tech to New Zealand.

Founded in 2010, we have been lucky enough to build strong alliances with companies, government agencies and most importantly, everyone out there who just wants the right tool for the job.

We're also big supporters of the progress that modern torches have made in both LEDs but more importantly, rechargeable batteries, and that’s what makes our range so strong.  There are times for disposable batteries, but most of our torches, large to small, use rechargeable high power Li-Ion batteries.  They have higher outputs and longer run times than the old school throw aways.

We're proud to be official retailers of Nitecore, Olight, AceBeam and Ferei as well as the new brands that we are bringing on.

We are a webstore only and do not have a physical store to visit or arrange pick ups.

We at TorchMonster think everyone should have at least two torches. 
An 'Every Day Carry', and something to light up the night. 

We're proud to bring you the performance torches that we trust do their jobs the best, and with style.