NITECORE 18650 3200mAh

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery


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The Nitecore NL1832

The rechargeable battery format known as 18650 is the cornerstone of what makes performance torches awesome.

We stock several variations of the 18650.  They are all the same voltage but they vary is how much charge they can hold.

You're taking the battery tech that makes cell phones, cordless drills and so many modern devices and pumping it into a torch.

They are over twice the voltage of AAA,AA,C and D format batteries.  You can also get 500 charges out of them.  

That means double the power and huge savings at the same time.  We wish everything used them.  Even the original Tesla cars have them stuffed in them!

The cells feature an over-discharge protection circuit and are custom-designed to withstand the high current demands of LED torches and other products. For safety and performance TorchMonster highly recommends the use of NITECORE cells as opposed to cheaper unbranded alternatives. These batteries are twice the length of the CR123. You can use a single 18650 instead of two CR123s. Advantage: They are rechargeable Disadvantage: They cost more initially, but pay for themselves as soon as you re-use them



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