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Nitecore P20UV V2

Tactical torch with White and UV light


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Another strong upgrade from Nitecore.  Taking the P20UV into this version 2, we see a kick up from 800 to now 1000 lumens.

The interface has the twin tail switches.  One for on, and the metal rocker lever that steps you through modes, but also delivers a powerful instant strobe when held down.  This strobe is really popular in tactical / front line work for disorientating an adversary.

One thing the TorchMonster really likes is the upgrade of the 4 Ultraviolet LEDs.  There’s lots of cool stuff to be done with UV light.  Document checking, seeing gross stuff in a dark room (is your kitchen a crime scene like mine?).  But to have a black light feature is cool and you can google some of the things you can do with that.

Another cool thing is that the Nitecore P20UV V2 will remember the last mode you were in, so you dont have to cycle through them each time.

Nitecore includes a cool belt holster for quick access.

There are also these new ceramic studs on the bezel.  If you need an improvised window opener, these glass breaking points are unforgiving.

This flashlight throws 1000 lumens and has a range of 164 meters.  Its beam profile is designed to dump its light in a local area, as opposed to a hunting long beam.

The Nitecore P20UV V2 will run for 2.5 hours on high and 46 hours on low.

To keep price down, Nitecore don’t include a battery or charger. You'll need to add some of that action, and they are offered below.


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This Nitecore P20UV V2 uses 1 rechargeable battery - not included.
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Nitecore Tactical Ring

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Weight 133.5 grams
Manufacturer 236
Run Time 46 hours on low
Lumens 1000 lumens
Range 164 meters
Length 151.2 mm
Peak Beam Intensity 6700 CD
Tube diameter 25.4 mm
Head diameter 31.8 mm

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