Nitecore HC33

Small but bright

RRP $130.00

The Nitecore HC33

Other than being very bright for its size, the HC33 is very light.  By not including a charging sysem or advanced secondary LED's - the HC33 is a very easy torch to forget it's on your head.

If you really want to be putting out high levels for a long time, we would suggest a torch with a more solid body.  This helps dissipate the heat build up better, allowing the torch to keep those higher outputs for longer.


This Nitecore HC33 uses one battery, but does not come with any. All the batteries below are compatible with this torch and are available in different storage capacities.

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Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM2

Nitecore UM2

+ $29.00

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

+ $39.00


Battery Options 160
Weight 51.2 grams
Run Time 330 hours
Lumens 1800
Range 187 meters
Length 105.3 mm
Pick Beam Intensity 8750
Head diameter 25.5
Accessories Clip and spare O-ring

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