Nitecore HC65

Headtorch with USB recharging - battery included

RRP $150.00

The Nitecore HC65 LED Headtorch

Currently our favourite of the Nitecore HC series.

Powerful white light in the main reflector

Diffuse white and warm white light from the secondary LED.  This is just so nice to have as an alternative alongside the sharper main beam.

Red mode too is great for saving your night vision.

This unibody also is really good at heat dissipation, keeping your higher run times up.

The inclusion of the USB cable and the premium Nitecore 3400 mAh battery means this kits has everything you need to go.


This Nitecore HC65 comes with one battery and you can add more below. All these batteries are compatible with this torch but improve by storage capacity.

Customise your kit

Add Batteries to your kit

Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM2

Nitecore UM2

+ $29.00

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

+ $39.00


Battery Options 160
Weight 62.7 Grams
Run Time 32 hours
Lumens 1000
Range 110 meters
Length 82.7
Pick Beam Intensity 3000
Head diameter 18.3 mm
Accessories USB charging cable, premium Nitecore 3400 mAh battery, Spare O-ring

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