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Nitecore TM16GT Tiny Monster

Chunky big beam thrower but without fancy buttons

RRP $415.00

The Nitecore TM16GT

The upgraded offering to the Tiny Monster series brings this huge and long thrower. Four large Cree XP-L HI V3 LEDS throw out 3600 Lumens with a range of a killometer. There are five different output levels that are easy to access with the illuminated buttons.

We reallly like the fact that the TM16GT doesnt have a screen or fancy buttons.  You can give this torch to a mate or collegue and they can instantly be throwing big beams without any fuss.

Robust and a long thrower

When loaded with four 18650 rechargeable batteries, the TM16 will run between 1 hour and 610 hours depending on output level. Like the new TinyMonsters, the TM16 has a standard tripod mount thread (1/4") and is great as an improvised light source. Easily bright enough for camera work. With its Aluminum alloy body and stainless steel components, this like all TorchMonster torches can be fully submerged in water (down to 2 meters).

One of the reaons its so compact is that it does not have the charger built in.  You'll also need four batteries.


This Nitecore TM16GT Tiny Monster uses four batteries, but does not come with any. All the batteries below are compatible with this torch and are available in different storage capacities.

Customise your kit

Add Batteries to your kit

Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

+ $39.00


Battery Options 171
Weight 521
Lumens 3600
Length 182 mm
Head diameter 89 mm
Accessories Lanyard and spare O-ring.

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