Powerful AA sized torch. Deceptively small travel torch

RRP $120.00

Multitask series - The MT10A

Everyday carry sized performer. 920 lumens is super bright for a torch this size. Totally submersible, a handy carry holster and clip are amongst the included accessories.

Great features

As well as the tail switch, you have the step up and step down buttons on the head of the torch for easy mode selection - as well as the red light mode

The red light feature also means you can look around in your luggage, look for your seat and other close quarters work without blowing out your pupils!

The built in voltage indicator lets you see how much juice you have left.


The TM10A does not come with any batteries and although it can use disposable AAs or rechargeables, the higher outputs require higher voltage batteries. On this page you will see one of those options discounted. If you do buy a '14500' battery, you may also need a charger and they are discounted above. Nitecore rechargeable batteries are good for 500 charges.


This NITECORE MT10A uses one battery, but does not come with any. All the batteries below are compatible with this torch and are available in different storage capacities.

Customise your kit

Add Batteries to your kit

Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM2

Nitecore UM2

+ $29.00

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

+ $39.00


Battery Options 160
Weight 60.7
Run Time 120 hours
Lumens 920
Range 170
Length 107
Pick Beam Intensity 7300
Tube diameter 25.4mm
Head diameter 25.4mm
Accessories Pouch, tail-cap, clip and lanyard

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