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Nitecore TM38

Over a kilometer of beam

RRP $850.00

The Nitecore TinyMonster 38

The TM38 Rechargeable LED Searchlight from Nitecore is a powerful torch with five brightness settings and a long throw, suited to public safety, military, industrial, recreational, and home use. Mount it on a tripod, and it becomes an area light for a campsite, barbecue, or after-dark tasks.

It is equipped with a Cree XHP35 HI D4 LED, which drives output settings from 50 to 1800 lumens, and is controlled by a single, intelligent two-stage push-button switch in an easy-to-use interface. The light's NBP68 battery pack will provide runtimes from 4 to 120 hours, depending on output level. An illuminated ring around the switch blinks to give you feedback on the status of the light. An integrated multi-function OLED displays output, mode, voltage, temperature, runtime, and battery status.

The aluminum alloy housing has a hard anodized black finish to resist corrosion and scratches. The emitter lens has anti-reflective coatings to maximize light transmission, and is tempered to be resistant to breaking and scratching. This durable light is impact-resistant to 5' and submersible to 6.6'.

A light this powerful can get hot, so its housing incorporates a substantial amount of heat-dissipating fin surface. In turbo mode, the TM38 will automatically reduce output when the light reaches a temperature of 140°F (60°C). An intelligent charging system cuts off the power when the battery is fully charged.


This Nitecore TM38 comes with one battery and you can add more below. All these batteries are compatible with this torch but improve by storage capacity.

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Weight 1260 grams
Run Time 120 hours
Lumens 1800
Range 1400 meters
Length 278mm
Pick Beam Intensity 490000 cd
Head diameter 90mm
Accessories Should strap, NZ mains charger

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