Nitecore NU10 CRI

Simple but bright LED head torch with CRI color accuracy

RRP $60.00

The Nitecore NU10 CRI Headtorch

Basic but grunty (just like our store mascot).

A row of LEDs that put out enough light to see and be seen.  This CRI variant offers higher color accuracy and rendering of natural tones.

It also has the powerful Red LED mode which will give you great illumination without blowing out your night vision.

It has an internal battery that is charged via USB.

It comes in so many pretty colours.  However, we only carry the black with the black strap.


This Nitecore NU10 CRI has an internal battery and uses USB charging.


Weight 65 grams
Run Time 150 hours
Lumens 160
Range 35 meters
Length 60.5 mm
Pick Beam Intensity 310 cd
Head diameter 35 mm
Accessories USB charging cable

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