MT22A Sandy Brown

Compact 2 x AA utility torch

RRP $60.00

The Nitecore MT22A

A great ergonomic and compact design the MT22A is a great way to get a 2 x AA torch into your palm.

Easy to access levels and power switch feel great with the grippy knurling.

The clip makes it easy to get onto your belt.

It's also very happy with the water with a 2 Meter submersion rating


This MT22A Sandy Brown uses two batteries, but does not come with any. All the batteries below are compatible with this torch and are available in different storage capacities.

Customise your kit

Compatible Chargers

Nitecore UM2

Nitecore UM2

+ $29.00

Nitecore UM4

Nitecore UM4

+ $39.00


Battery Options 160
Weight 49 g
Run Time 2 hours 15 minutes
Lumens 260
Range 98 meters
Length 79.9
Pick Beam Intensity 2400
Accessories Lanyard and spare O-ring

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